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Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie used to be a taboo subject. It was something that was purchased furtively and concealed in a bottom drawer. It’s great that things have changed!

Today, sexy underwear is a pleasure that no longer needs to be hidden. It’s easy to buy and comes in a dazzling variety so that there’s something to make every woman - and man - feel stunning and sexy.

But where do you begin? Defining our own sensual style can be bewildering. That’s where being able to browse at leisure takes the pressure off. Sit down, relax, grab your favourite tipple, and let us suggest some sexy lingerie that will spark your imagination. Your personal adventure into sensual living starts here.


For many of us, ‘sexy’ starts with colour. Maybe it’s the brazen scarlet of the temptress or perhaps it’s sophisticated black undies that get you, or your loved one, hot. But while red lace and black satin are classic sexy lingerie outfits, they are just one end of the spectrum. Many people find subtler hues equally sensual. Peach, raspberry and mocha flatter skin tones and are equally enticing, as they hint at hidden delights beneath.


It may surprise you to think about locations when investing in erotic underwear, but places have a powerful effect on libido and can be used to create sensual delight. If an ice palace is your fantasy, then aqua sexy lingerie, white lace hold-ups and a crystal tiara will bring your chilly dream to hot fruition. Or maybe your senses are stirred by the heat and energy of an Egyptian souk? If so, make your imaginary pleasure a reality with a flowing robe in fiery tones over a peekaboo bra and briefs in cinnamon or gold.


Time is one of the easiest components of a sexual adventure for us to grasp. Most of us have a historical epoch that stirs our senses:  we may adore medieval sword play or relish 1920s sophistication. Whatever era thrills us, there is sexy lingerie to evoke it. Just watch a few of your favourite films about that period and then browse our pages to bring your ideas to erotic life.


Who hasn’t wanted to be a glamorous spy or a sultry nightclub singer? Sexy underwear allows us to indulge our fantasy and have the pleasure of preparing for our evening of fulfilment, by wearing our ‘character’ against our flesh as we go through the day. A pretty chemise brings a romantic historical persona to life, while a dashing bustier or a pair of sheer stockings fuels our desire to be a sexually magnetic siren.

Whatever the character we want to play, there will be sexy lingerie to bring our dream to life.

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