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Why is lingerie so important to a woman? The answer is simple. What we wear next to our skin defines who we are. The right underwear gives us confidence, but there´s much more to the magic of sexy lingerie than just a quick boost to our self-esteem. And it´s not just about wearing pretty things to entice the person we spend our nights with, although that can be important too! Lingerie helps us explore ourselves and discover the facets of our own personalities. That could mean wearing a designer bra and briefs to give us ´secret power´ on the day we have to make a presentation at work. Alternatively, we might choose the hidden joy of a pretty bustier concealed a boring uniform. Sometimes we have to appear to be ´all business´, but that doesn´t mean we have to deny our feminine spirit - we can bring our personality to every minute of our everyday lives through our lingerie choices.
Pretty floral underwear lifts the mood, bringing a springtime aura to even the coldest day or the toughest work assignment, while a lacy bra and panty set offers the chance to explore the nostalgic, vintage part of our character, delivering a little romance to our daily experience. We can discover new aspects of ourselves through lingerie too. Unusual underwear, such as a silky grey camisole or a glowing plum-coloured basque, can reveal hidden facets of our nature and new ideas about ourselves.
Lingerie is not just daytime clothing - starting our morning in a stunning silk gown or wrapped in a sexy robe can help us feel like a goddess as we move through our day, and beautiful swimwear allows us to enjoy our time at the beach or pool, confident that we´re looking our best.
And then there´s the underwear we want to be seen, and this is where beautiful, well-fitting sexy lingerie can be a life-changer. Some women are as confident as a vintage style diva and show it by wearing beautiful corsets with pencil skirts, while others choose the subtle language of allure, selecting elegant stockings and a suspender belt to hint at their concealed passions. While one woman loves jewelled colours, bold designs and a splash of designer audacity, another may channel her personality into pastel shades, feminine ruffles and delicate lace.

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No matter how we desire to look, the right lingerie enhances our self-image and gives us confidence in our appearance. So, whatever the approach we take, the image we want to create and the extent to which we want to be ´out there´ in revealing our preferences, there will be gorgeous lingerie that meets our needs, fulfils our dreams and gives us the chance to revel in our own unique beauty. At we bring you a delightful selection of womens underwear to choose from - buy your lingerie online today and we´ll dispatch same day if ordered before 2pm workdays.